Goteo: research on creative currencies and p2p-financing

Olivier Schulbaum of Platoniq, announces the following project:

“AT LAST BUT NOT LEAST, we start a new adventure, whose codename is GOTEO (drop by drop)

This is our new open R+D project.

Goteo is a community platform for cultural and social innovation p2p financing, which is not exactly crowdfunding, but we do hope it will be crowdfun to do it, not to mention very necessary.

We’re starting with a research on creative currencies and p2p-financing in order to facilitate the collection of funds and skill-sharing, tools for collective decision-making, both digital and offline alternatives to the traditional subsidies financing systems, integrating non-monetary transactions and vouchers based networks.

As Goteo’s research process wants to be open and consequent with p2p models, we’d like to share the process from the early beginning, so if those concepts shake your foundations and you appreciate platoniq’s work, let’s start a conversation.

In parallel, we’re looking for social or cultural organizations ready to share their problems and challenges to raise the issue of financing2.0 and co-design processes integration in the design of their activities and policies.

Meanwhile, we recommend you to explore the following posts as a starter:

* Our Interview with Michael Linton on Open Money,

* A great conversation with Heloisa Primavera, Community Currencies expert,

* Platoniq’s Ideiazoka experience at Mondragon coop.,

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