GNUnion – One Big Mesh Network for All the Working Classes

Global Networked Labour Union, GNUnion – One Big Mesh Network ( is the released 1.0 Beta version of new generation, free to join, borderless worker self-organisation, a work in progress. The ‘code’ of the network is free, GNUnion is aimed to be build by and for all the involved peers who has to sell their labour and creativity in order to reproduce their lives and survive. Everyone can freely join in shaping and moving the idea and parts of it forward, everyone is free to get involved and develop the code, or create fork to it.

By no means GNUnion aims to pose any direct ideological or political challenge to established independent union structures, neither it aims at competing for membership. GNUnion is a free to join network, based not on membership but egaleterian peership. It creates an interface between emerging new agency of global working classes and the world of 20th century organisations of industrial workers on the one hand, and between older and newer forms of social and solidarity networks on the other. So the union would function as a mesh network through which all nodes involved would not only stand together, but also help and empower the others while they empower them selves.

We believe that the only way for humaninty to create another, better civilisations is by joining all our labour and creativity throuhg peer to peer mesh networks that allow stygmergic mass collaborations! To this end GNUnion commit itself to link and support existing independent union structures as well as emerging new forms around the world, in any possible way.

The focus of GNUnion however will be creating and linking mesh networks between creative, positive and assertive struggles, mobilisations and direct actions targeting both to support FLOS social, economic, political and cultural alternatives to capitalism or to replace capitalism with these alternatives, that are exist and growing.

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