Generation OS13: new must-see documentary by Anonymous

Jerome Roos introduces this ‘must-see’ documentary:

“Anonymous has come forward with an amazing short documentary that happens to be called “Generation OS13: the new culture of resistance.” The film takes you on a rapid-fire tour de force through the madness of our world and the new resistance movement that’s trying to come up with alternatives.

What’s fascinating about Generation OS13, and about the new culture of resistance in general, is that it’s trying to carve out a new ideological niche that is firmly critical of our present world order without falling into the trap of the old-fashioned socialist or communist clichés. After all, we need new critiques, new narratives, new inspiration.

Certainly the spirit of anarchism is omnipresent in this film, but when you read between the lines, you can see a much broader description of a networked generation that’s spearheading a leaderless revolt using highly innovative tactics, techniques and technologies to undermine the status quo and create a radically better future for everyone.”

Watch the video:

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