Gems at the P2P Foundation: March 2006

For those who missed our early days, here’s a selection of our theoretical interventions during the month of March.

P2P and the New Age movement


The new age movement is dead, has it left any positive legacy? I argue that it has.


The Library of the Future: The Catalog <is> the library


As a former librarian/cybrarian, here’s my vision of the future library.


Peer to Peer as a theory for social change


An attempt to explain the underlying politics of our endeavour.


The Germ Theory of Social Change


The vision from the Oekonux people, on how free software is the germ form of the new society.


Kevin Carson on the Counter-Economy


His vision on markets, cooperatives in the context of a counter-economy


Peer-informed markets: the fair trade principle


The ideas of the French economist Maurice Decaillot


P2P and the cooperative movement


How do they relate?

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