Frome, a town divided: Part 2 of a 3 part podcast series

Last week we introduced Episode 1 of the new audio documentary series Welcome to Frome, produced by the Upstream podcast. Episode 1 explored the mini-revolution that took place recently in Frome, a small town in the sleepy western countryside of England. It also looked at some of the radical new initiatives developed and supported by the new town council, initiatives like a Share Shop and a Community Fridge.

In this second episode, Upstream dives deeper into parts of Frome’s darker history, and explores the divisions within this town. You’ll hear about how these divisions are part of a much larger story, a story which goes back almost half a century and which spans the globe. What are the scars left from thirty years of closing factories and cutting services? How do these scars reveal themselves in our hearts and in our communities? Is it possible to bridge the economic, social, and psychological divides that carve up our societies? If it’s possible, then how do we do it?

In this episode, Upstream shows how the neoliberal policies first popularized by Thatcher in the UK and Reagan in the US have contributed to the economic and social divides which plague much of the world today. They argue that to understand the phenomenon of Trump, you must understand the divisions in Frome. And to understand Brexit, you must also understand Frome. And if it’s possible to live in a different world – one that values people and planet over profit – you must start in Frome.

Stay tuned next week for Episode 3.

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