From open organizations to open enterprises

For those who are not so familiar with our wiki, the main bulk of the material is organized in a three-column directory on the main page.

1) Introductory material in the left column (who we are, what we want, best essays on p2p topics, etc…)

2) The right hand column is a directory by format, i.e. books, articles, biographies, associations, etc…

3) The middle column monitors p2p trends by field of activity: education, governance, etc …

A special area though is at the bottom of the right column, and features what we call projects, these are working areas where some of our sympathizers experiment with a domain they want to develop. These projects sometimes disappear, and sometimes mature and move to the left colum. For example, that is what happened with Mauro Bieg’s introduction for beginners, or Valentin Spirik’s guide to video-production.

I’m very proud to announce a new project by Matthew Cooperrider, which will try to develop a working description of open enterprises, which he defines as follows:

“An open enterprise maximizes the involvement of every individual who is in any way affected by its actions. It incorporates the means necessary for increased involvement into its organizational structure, and actively seeks to minimize means of exclusion.”

See the section here for more.

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