From equipotentiality to coliberation

If we accept Equipotentiality as the basic worldview and principle explaining peer to peer dynamics, then Coliberation is the active ethical principle derived from it. Coliberation is what could/should drive our actions as conscious peer producers.

It signifies both the shared transcendence of the group, and the practice of designing social processes so each of us can be the condition and enabler of the other participants reaching their highest potential. Coliberation is thus the driving force behind peer production.

The concept was formulated by Bernie DeKoven:

“CoLiberation is what happens when we work extraordinarily well together. Like on a basketball team or in an orchestra, when we actually experience ourselves sharing in something bigger than any one who is present. This is what I call the experience of the “Big WE.” It’s a corollary to the “Big ME” experience of self-transcendence. If the Big ME is the “peak experience,” CoLiberation or the Big WE, is like becoming a whole mountain range.”

If you want to know more about the context for equipotentiality as the new networked sociality, see our section here.

If you want to know more about the active practices for coliberation, see our section here.

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