French company offers 20 years of free solar energy

The emergence of the peer to peer relational dynamic depends on either an abundance of resources (immaterial production), or a distribution of limited means of production so that they are under control of the individual. So a good summary of this positioning is that we favor the ‘distribution of everything’.

Including the distribution of energy. Solar energy seems to be inherently distributed, and could be placed at individual houses, and surpluses could be either shared or resold on an open market.

So it is with some excitement that we read about an amazing initiative in France.

Indeed, Thierry Lepercq has created a company, Solaire Direct, which offers to install both individuals and communities with photovoltaic solar panels, at no cost whatsover, not for the installment, and not for the first 20 years of usage. The business model seems to be that SD will resell the surplus electricity to the national electricity provider EDF.

For more info, see this French-language video.

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