A quick message from our friends at STIR to Action. There are more details on the workshop at the bottom of the post.

STIR to Action: Thanks to the kind support – and solidarity – of many co-ops around the UK, we’ve now got 5 free places on Alt Gen’s Freeing the Freelancer workshop on October 15th in London. If you’ve got an idea for a co-op, however small, come along and develop your idea over a day with the inspiring team at Alt Gen, and meet other people exploring the co-operative model.

Workshop and further information: http://www.stirtoaction.com/workshops/alt-gen

Also check out Footprint Workers Co-op, an ecologically minded printers in Leeds, Principle Six, a methodology and meeting format for face-to-face, high energy, results-oriented business referral networking, and Fairmondo, a co-operatively owned online marketplace that makes it really easy to source ethical goods and services from sellers.

by Edd Baldry

by Edd Baldry

Freeing the Freelancer: Co-op solutions to modern freelancing

  • Dates: Saturday 15th October 2016
  • Times: 9.30AM-4PM
  • Location: CAN Mezzanine, 7-14 Great Dover St, London SE1 4YR
  • Price: £75-£50
  • Full Price (Salaried)
  • Concessions (part time/students)

The contemporary economy is failing young people and many others. One in seven of the UK workforce are now self-employed and this has grown by around 39% since 2000. The nature of work is transforming but the economy is not changing with it – unstable, unequal and unable to produce secure, meaningful work for all.

This workshop will introduce you to co-operative alternatives, best practices and how to work together to overcome individualistic and isolating work cultures and start co-operatives. Practical exercises will help you imagine and articulate how to use your skills, passions, resources and networks to turn your ideas into democratically-run enterprise. Take a first leap into creating a better future for yourself and those around you with Altgen team!

What participants will leave with

– Learning about common problems of being a freelancer

– Learning about what is being done to challenge them

– Learning what the co-operative movement can offer to bring change to your working life

– Merging your ideas and co-operative practice

Facilitator Profile

Constance Laisne is passionate about social change, cooperation and the future of work. A designer by training, she has spent the last two years co-directing AltGen – a young social enterprise that empowers young people to set up co-operatives and move beyond métro-boulot-dodo (subway-work-sleep). For her supporting the new generation to build a fairer economy is an urgent need that needs to be worked on.

Henry Naylor Stead also works for Alt Gen.

Watch Alt Gen’s Video below to find out more!

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