Free Culture, still free

Just as an addendum to the last post about Lawrence Lessig’s excellent, thought provoking book Free Culture,it is worth noting that the book is available for download in a multitude of formats at for free.

Alternatively, the excellent Legal Torrents has a bit torrent download of the book in audio format, as recorded by a group of like minded volunteers. Thanks to Lessig’s Creative Commons licensing of the book, this is of course perfectly legal and above board.

The idea of volunteers recording audio books from texts in the public domain has also been seized upon to great success by the hordes of free culture loving contributors to the Librivox project. Librivox relies on volunteers to record all or part of a text available in the public domain via such sources as Project Gutenberg. Since its creation, the catalogue of books available has become quite staggering, and the variety of languages on offer continues to grow.

Our P2P Encyclopedia on the Book Commons mentions other related initiatives.

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