Franz Hörmann on the End of Money

In the Keimform blog, Stefan Meretz introduces an excellent video interview from Wien TV of Franz Hörmann, who explains the ‘illusion’ of contemporary money as a ‘separate’ substance, and wants to replace it by simple accounting units that record exchange. In the blog, Stefan Meretz also attempts to refute such theses. Both points of view illustrate the very important debate between the ‘Gesellian’ and open money approach which accords a relative autonomy to the monetary system (it situates exploitation in the financial sector and believes it is worth tackling directly) , and the more classic Marxist approach which sees money as a mere expression of the underlying exchange system inherent to capitalism, so that separate actions on the monetary front are illusory.

My own attitude would be an attempt at integration of both approaches. This means that we recognize that open money alone, which does not touch the ownership of productive forces, does not go at the root of all problems, but that they are nevertheless useful if they are taken in conjunction with approaches which also directly initiate distributed stakeholder ownership of the productive forces.
It is quite ironic that those that claim to opt for seemingly radical Marxist analyses are the ones in effect supporting the continued use of compound interest based capitalist money system, while the open money forces, incomplete as they may be in their approach, are already constructively tackling very important problems.

1. Watch the video:

2. Read the critique by Stefan Meretz:


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