Four more reasons to donate to the P2P Foundation!

Four friends of the P2P Foundation explain why they support our Winter Holiday Appeal

Ideas relating to new ways for humans to organize work, learning, and life are now flowing fast and furious, and they are continuously and masterfully collated by the P2P Foundation. I can’t think of a more thorough and informed source for understanding the emerging collaborative economy.

Seb Paquet

“The importance of the work done by P2P Foundation can not be emphasized enough. That which are emerging would be much less visible to the whole; those who are doing this work would not know the others and there where the glue is needed things would tear or go missing. All this and more is what these people do in practical and inspirational ways. They make visible, connect, explain, teach, categorize and share.
I am a dedicated supporter of the P2P Foundation and urge you to invest what you can in this collective effort.”

Irma Wilson, Founder, FutureSharp

“The p2p foundation aggregates data and conversations on emerging distributed and alternative practices into viable theories and models that in turn reinforce and amplify new practices and action. The Orange report on the Collaborative Economy is an illustration of this outstanding work. The P2P Foundation itself is a commons that needs to grow and continue operating as a midwife of a new economic model mindful of the commons in its widest definition. We should all consider contributing in a form or another, including content, as the P2P Foundation is key to the development of our activities!”

Helene Finidori -Strategy in complex emerging environments


‘As industrial civilization crumbles about us, the P2P Foundation offers an indispensable guide to everything that comes after’.
Timothy Rayner

If these reasons reflect your view please consider making a donation to the Winter Holiday Appeal. Read more about the appeal here or go directly to the donations page

And if you do make a donation, please let us know why…


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