For a Technology Bill of Rights

Via Slashdot:

Paul Venezia argues in favor of the creation of a Technology Bill of Rights to protect individuals against malfeasance, tyranny, and exploitation in an increasingly technological age. Venezia’s initial six proposed articles center on anonymity rights, net neutrality, the open-sourcing of law enforcement software and hardware, and the like.”

Here are the six demands that Paul Venezia proposes:

Article 1. Any individual shall be able to choose anonymity when posting to Internet sites

Article 2. No network provider may constrain or restrict access to the Internet in any way, shape, or form other than agreed-upon access speeds

Article 3. No individual shall be held liable for effects of malware or malicious code unknowingly run on a personal computer

Article 4. A company that produces and sells closed source software for use on computers shall be responsible for the security of that product, and a user has a right to seek damages in the event of a failure to secure their product

Article 5. Any software or hardware used to conduct or support laws and public policy shall be open-source

Article 6. Any media content legally purchased by an individual shall be available for private use on any device, at any time

The author comments each and asks for more proposals here.

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