Flyer: The Representative Ingroup Democracy (RID) Model

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Can bytes save the future? The money value delusion.

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Können Bytes die Zukunft retten? Die Geldwert-Täuschung.

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Is it possible to design a democratic, solidary and sustainable society, stabilised by human ingroup drivers?


“In our book «The biological human being – individuals and societies in the light of evolution» (preliminary only in Norwegian) we suggest a model for a national and global ultimate democratic economy, which can handle and execute ownership on five levels (see figure to the right). It is both about curbing the bad sides and letting the good sides thrive. There are several prerequisites in order to stabilise such an organisation, of which three are most important:

  1. A political solution to sustainability must include democratic control over production and economy.
  2. Production must be for the purpose of sustainability, not profit.
  3. Civil salaries must include all and be decided democratically.

This can be achieved through ingroup control over the unwanted, selfish strategies of our human mind: When we are observed, among our closest, we hide egoism and are cooperative and generous. No-one is openly selfish when being watched. This democracy, once established, will be extremely stable. Justice and fairness will be decided through open democratic decisions, by elected peers, on each level. Freeriders are controlled within the groups. Surely, we CAN decide to keep on overexploitation, and send our children into an uncertain future, but we will at least decide it ourselves. For example, in the US, only a few extremely rich persons may win elections.

A safer future can be planned. Profit and economic growth can be replaced by sustainable production: Reusable, repairable and recyclable products. Research and efforts can be focused to meet these goals, without the need for capital growth and profit. Solidarity will be forced upon decision making, through the evolved ingroup strategies.”

A more extensive introduction to this Norwegian research project is to be found here:

ModEling a Democratic green ecOnomy for a Sustainable Society (MEDOSS)

The Evolutionary Rings in Water

While global capitalism operates on level five, the outgroup modus, the RID-model intends to bring civilization back to level four, where cooperative ingroup strategies can flourish.

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