First open-source restaurant

We are familiar with Open source in many different appearances. The most practiced right now is in the immaterial appearances, where open-source software is the most practiced by far. However, and for the good, more and more initiatives appear where open-source is being used for material purposes. An example is the first open-source car. Recently an initiative for an open-source restaurant was being launched. The initiative was started on the Instructables-website by the Dutchman Arne Hendriks.

The vision he has, is a restaurant that is open-source in all possible ways, from the interior like furniture to the menu with the recipes. On the Instructables site the community is being asked to give ideas regarding anything that has to do with restaurants and possible can be used. On any creation, in any shape and for any purpose, the designer or creator gets credits by having his or her name mentioned on the product. “In some restaurants you can buy the stuff you see, in this restaurant you’ll go home knowing how to re-create what you just enjoyed, be it the food or the chair you sat on.”, says Hendriks on his project page. Less than a week from starting the project resulted in more than 70 comments on his idea.

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  1. AvatarJosef Davies-Coates

    Brilliant idea! 🙂

    If I were doing it I’d try to provide the following options:

    1. wholesale (organic fairtrade) foodstuff
    2. retail (organic fairtrade) ingredients for “cook your own” delicious nutritious meals (ideally with an option to use facilities on-site if possible, otherwise at home)
    3. (organic fairtrade) restaurant serving meals.

    The trick would probably to be to come up with a few easy tasty healthy meals and bulk buy the ingredients. But with input from everyone in the wonderful open source way that shouldn’t be a problem 🙂

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