First french-language video on P2P?

As far as I know, this is the first publicly available ‘live’ French-language presentation on P2P.

It is entitled: Production et Gouvernance entre pairs

At least one person, Florence Meichel, seems to like it:

Dans cette vidéo, Michel Bauwens donne des clefs de compréhension des dynamiques en actes … son approche résonne avec mes propres expériences !

As a reminder, we have some French-language material on our wiki as well, with link to the main P2P essay in French.

Watch it here:

2 Comments First french-language video on P2P?

  1. Avatarflorence meichel

    Hello Michel

    Yes i appreciate a lot this vidéo which explains very important things in french ! I will promote your wiki on my blog and Apprendre 2.0 too ! I would like to spread these values : they are mine too ! 🙂

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