1 Comment ‘Fearless’ Amsterdam government: digital city goes social

  1. AvatarJOHN MAYOR

    Yyyyyaaaaawwwwwnnnnn!… yea, sure, a “COALITION” that I can’t reach through a “Contact Us” window, that/ which has no Blog Comment Hosting Widget platform with which to comment on their NON-EXISTENT BLOGS FOR PUBLIC FREE EXPRESSION ON THEIR “DIGITAL PLANS” FOR CITY-FOLKS! And if this site receives this comment, it will be the very first site blogging about this subject that/ which hasn’t F-O-R-C-E-D me to sign-up, sign-on or otherwise Register in order for me to make PUBLIC COMMENT, and without having to go through Twitter, Google, Facebook and other groups that I view as LESS THAN APPROPRIATE MEDIUMS for FREE SPEECH, and FREEDOM OF THE PRESS! And I’d pursue this matter here further, but this website’s CHARACTER CAP has just negated my RIGHTFUL ABILITY to add a CAREFULLY THOUGHT OUT RESPONSE to this Coalition subject (at, 185,304 characters… not to mention, this intro!), that would have met the challenge of this “COALITION GIFT” to our cities! So much for protecting our URBAN DIGITAL RIGHTS! Onwards and upwards… I guess!
    Please!… no emails!… or excuses!

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