Thomas Greco to conduct a course on innovative exchange, finance, and economics this summer in Greece.

Full title: “Exchange and Finance for the New Economy: Principles and Practice”

“In the face of the ongoing global economic and financial crisis and increasing centralization of power, it is becoming ever more urgent that communities take the initiative to implement mechanisms that assure the resilience and sustainability of their local economies. Of fundamental necessity are the provision of non-bank financing and locally controlled currencies and moneyless payment mechanisms that enable communities to control their own destiny and quality of life, and local enterprises to thrive.

Over the past three decades, a great many complementary currencies and exchange schemes have sprung up, gained some degree of acceptance and notoriety, then faded away.

This workshop will focus in on the reasons why none of them has become a significant factor in their community economies, and uncover the principles of design and implementation that need to be applied to make exchange alternatives more effective, robust, and scalable.

This course is designed especially for social entrepreneurs, enthusiastic agents of change, local government officials, and serious students who are ready to co-create a new sustainable and convivial economy from the bottom up. In this highly participatory workshop, we will use a combination of presentations, discussion groups (some on the beach), videos, and simulation games, to dive deeply into the process of exploring and developing innovative methods of finance, exchange, and value measurement.

It will be held from 24 June to 1 July, 2016 at the Kalikalos holistic summer school on the Pelion peninsula in Greece.

Moreover, there is the possibility of a couple substantial scholarships based on need. Last, Greek participants will get a 33% reduction.

Details and registration can be found here.”

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