Event: P2P and the Rise of Green Capitalism

Michel Bauwens will be in Illinois, USA at the University of Illinois, College of Education.
Date: Friday, November 21
Time: 12pm – 1pm
Where: College of Education, Room 42 A

Just as the three quarters of oil engineers now agree that Peak Oil is in sight within the next decade (after that, oil production can only decline), can we also posit that we may have reached a moment of Peak Hierarchy, a moment in history in which it is no longer large centralized organizations that are most efficient or productive, but rather those that are organized as distributed networks and can draw on peer producing communities?

This is the thesis explored by the P2P Foundation, a global network of researchers investigating the emergence of peer production, governance and property, showing how this new ‘hyper productive’ mode of producing value is out-competing and out-collaborating traditional organizations. Such a change will have huge implications for society, business, and education. The election victory of Barack Obama, and his program of green capitalism, opens up, because it cannot succeed without huge strides in participation, the possibility of a ‘high road’ transition towards a peer to peer society, based on the voluntary aggregation of productive communities united around the creation of common value.

How would our society function, if Linux and Wikipedia were not just emergent, but the model of a new type of institutions residing in the core of our economy and politics?

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