Event: Global Open Data Hacking Day

Tomorrow is the first ever global data hacking day. It’s just a great idea and you can take part if you get in touch with people organizing an event in your city. Alternatively you can speed boot-strap a get together. As you can read from the main site, it’s about building community around working with open government data, as much as it’s about developing code to localize applications that enable more political transparency and/or improve government service delivery.

To give you a taste of the enthusiasm for this event, there are already 63 cities in 25 countries spread over 5 continents taking part to an event which was announced a little over a month ago. This shows you the global hunger for open data and making sense and use of it. There’s lists of data slowly emerging, alongside the probable scraping of government websites. There’s also a planned videoconferencing ring which will flow across the timezones throughout the day.

Come join us! (Oh and i will be at the Amsterdam event which will be followed by Data Drinks #3 and oh thanks Dave Eaves setting this whole process in motion!)