Collaboration for Change
A Task for our Time
Saturday 6th October 2018
The Guildhall, Whittaker Suite
Derry, Northern Ireland
9.30am – 4.30pm

A new initiative Collaboration for Change which is bringing together radical initiatives proposing solutions to the economic, social, environmental and cultural challenges we are facing.

Please keep Sat 6th Oct 2018 free for an event in Derry’s Guildhall which marks the 50th anniversary of the start of the Civil Rights Movement by bringing together radical environmental, economic, cultural and social initiatives to share and learn and possibly create something new together.

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This is an invitation for everyone involved in creating radical progressive alternatives and also for interested individuals.

The event will be a place where those who say it can’t be done take back seat to those who are doing it. (Laura Flanders)

Collaboration for Change is a gathering of citizen-led movements called to mark the anniversaries in 2018 of the Civil Rights Movement in Derry and the signing of the Universal Rights Declaration. We will explore the contributions already being made to building a just and resilient society in Northern Ireland and how we can develop that work by collaboration between the various economic, social, cultural and environmental alternatives. The organisers recognise that our own work can only be enhanced by learning and sharing and we are committed to creating spaces for this to happen.

American activist, speaker, economist and environmentalist Michael Albert will be there to offer his support and expertise.

The 6th October Gathering is the first of three planned events shaping a collaborative movement which puts people and planet first. After our first event on Sat 6th Oct, we will be building a network and making links with similar initiatives worldwide, including P2P.

Header image, the Guildhall: Wikipedia

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