Event announcement: Barcamp on government 2.0, Amsterdam, June 7th

The Barcamp idea is slowly maturing. I had the privilege to participate at one in London hosted at Google’s offices back in January 2008. The crowd was filled with government officials, freelancers, geeks and outside interest groups. This is a call to people in Europe or with easy access to NL to drop by and join the discussion. Send an email to lifesizedATgmail.com or sign-up on the wiki. Hoping this particular flavor of barcamp keeps running, around Europe and globally. Any takers?

Although the description below refers to web2.0 tools in government which is a big issue, the discussion will be spread far wider. Open APIs in government, how do citizens experience government services? Where are the disconnects and more.

“Government’s approach to all things web and digital is changing for all sorts of reasons: transformational government / website rationalization provides greater focus on a smaller number of online channels, the impact of – and opportunities presented by – web 2.0 is looming large in everyone’s thoughts, online engagement and deliberation are buzz phrases.

• What does this all mean?
• How does it all fit together?
• What skills / resources are organisations going to need in future?
• Who’s done it already?
• How do you actually do this stuff?

This barcamp provides a opportunity where hopefully we can answer some of the difficult questions and create a shared vision and approach. Equally, its hoped we can mobilize the government digital media community to improve our skills, knowledge and voice as a collective group.

Who should attend?
This event should be of interest to all who work in the government digital media community: permanent civil servants, contractors, consultants, agencies, advisers, supporters, observers, and critics, geeks.

If you think you’ve got something to contribute to improving how government organizations use the web, then this event is for you. If demand and space results in us becoming oversubscribed, we may limit spaces to a representative sample of the above.

Add your name to this list if you want to come and under ‘Session’ detail what you want to contribute to the barcamp. The easiest way to add your name is to select edit page, copy and paste a participant’s details and replace with your own.”

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