I got the following message from Robert Adam forwarded to me by Audun Engh:

“The European Summer School in Classical Architecture has had a good response but there are places left and still bursaries available.

This is held in July in idyllic surroundings north-west of Stockholm and finishes in Stockholm.  Even without a bursary, the price is very reasonable: €1,500.00 or about $1,700 for a full month of teaching, design and debate, all including accommodation and food – you just have to find your way to Stockholm and back.

If you are interested, do please apply.  As there were problems with the INTBAU website, we’ve extended the application deadline until the end of May.

My firm is hosting the website on http://www.adamarchitecture.com/academic/european-summer-school-in-classical-architecture-2016.htm.

I hope to see you there!

It’s important to note that Classical Architecture is NOT a specific style! No, it’s a set of design-rules which have served humanity well through millennials, but which we debunked about a century ago, resulting in today’s hostile environments. Many of these rules and this forgotten knowledge are now recollected for us by important architectural thinkers and urbanists, like Nikos A. Salingaros. Unfortunately this knowledge is still not part of the architecture curriculum, so this summer class is a golden opportunity!

Stockholm is a unique setting for this course, I can’t think of a better city for summertime, with the white Scandinavian summer nights. If you have children your family can meanwhile experience the best city for a child imaginable, where they can run free in the streets of “Gamla stan“, the old town area of Stockholm, free of cars. Or they can enjoy the world’s first and largest city national park, with a tremendous variety of family friendly activities. What about urban fishing? And there are hundreds of smooth rocks and beaches to go bathing, even in the city core. Not to mention the Stockholm archipelago, to where all kinds of boats sails regularly.


Car free streets for children

Urban fishing

Urban fishing

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  1. Øyvind HolmstadØyvind Holmstad

    “After a final review it was time to pack up our t-squares and pencils and head to our farewell dinner overlooking Stockholm. If the amount of toasts made throughout the evening were any indication, it would be safe to assume that the very first ‘European Summer School of Classical Architecture’ was an incredible success.”

    – Fay Edwards is currently studying for the Prince’s Foundations MA in Sustainable Urbanism, follow her as she embarks upon the INTBAU European Summer School in Classical Architecture in Engelsberg, Sweden: http://www.intbau.org/intbau-european-ss-student-blog/

    – Swedish Grace: http://permaliv.blogspot.no/2016/10/swedish-grace.html

  2. Avatarkayra

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