European Cultural Foundation: Connecting Culture,Communities and Democracy

Here is an opportunity to meet projects working for the commons all over Europe and a chance for a 10.000 euros R&D grant for the projects selected. Deadline to send proposals: 13 April 2015.


We bridge people and democratic institutions by connecting local cultural change-makers and communities across Europe because we firmly believe that Europe can be powered by culture. 

Under our thematic focus, Connecting Culture, Communities and Democracy which will run through our work until 2016, we are developing the Networked Programme.

The first six partner organisations joining the Networked Programme are:

The themes that drive our partnership are Commons, Public Space, Culture and Economy.

ECF is initiator and facilitator in scaling our partners’ work up to a wider European level. Our advisors to the Networked Programme are: Rana Zincir Celal, Programme Manager of Columbia Global Centers, Turkey, Chrissie Faniadis, Lecturer and project manager, Kulturbryggan, connected to Swedish Ministry of Culture, Stojan Pelko, Spokesperson and chief communication officer to EU Office / EU Special Representative, Kosovo and Juan Freire Biologist, entrepreneur and professor, Spain

In our experience, positive change through culture first becomes apparent in local communities. We want to extend our connection with citizens who are raising awareness of their creative potential to generate new social, environmental, economic and democratic models through their cultural practices.

We have been working in a highly connected way with the cultural organisations and individuals we fund throughout our activities – most recently with Tandem, our cultural managers’ programme, and with the Doc Next Network. The Networked Programme extends this experience.

We are developing a network of European cultural organisations that will be identified and connected for their crucial role as agents of change by involving local communities through culture. This will broaden our impact and will have a further resonance in local policy development, as well as boosting civic pride in communities.

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  • We are running an open call for ideas on the theme Build the City. The deadline is 13 April 2015. Successful applicants will be invited to take part in ECF Idea Camp, 22 to 25 September 2015. The Idea Camp gives participants an opportunity to: investigate and develop their ideas, exchange knowledge and find new collaborations, inspire and connect with practitioners from different sectors, working with culture and communities, explore and imagine new democratic alternatives. Following the Idea Camp, participants will be invited to submit proposals for the research and development of concrete cross-sectoral projects (R&D grants).

  • Advocacy Camp: We will help community-based organisations from all over Europe to position their views within the European policy discourse at our annual Advocacy Camp. This will offer an opportunity to meet with policy-makers at local, national and European levels. A tailor-made set of toolkits will help this new network of cultural organisations to create successful advocacy initiatives.
  • ECF Labs: We have developed ECF Labs, a social media network aimed at individuals who are committed to art and culture in Europe and its neighbouring countries. ECF Labs is integral to the Networked Programme – and will support the local networks of cultural organisations, as well as participants of the Idea Camp and the Advocacy Camp. Join now!


Idea Camp 2015-Call for Ideas

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