The European Commons Assembly (ECA) is a network of grassroots initiatives promoting commons management practices at the European level. The next stop for the network will be Medialab Prado, Madrid. These activities are part of the Transeuropa Festival program, a large meeting of political, social and environmental alternatives.

The call to participate in the Madrid workshops will be open until August 4th.

The European Commons Assembly was launched in November 2016 with public events that took place in several spaces in Brussels, Belgium, including the Zinneke social center and European Parliament. This meeting gathered from different parts of Europe more than 150 commoners to promote public policies for the commons at the European level and to develop mutual support networks that enable long-term sustainability..

The call to participate in the Madrid workshops will be open until August 4th. Proposed topics related to the urban commons include:

  • Public space
  • Migrations and refugees
  • Citizen participation in urban politics
  • Culture
  • Food
  • Housing
  • Health
  • Currency and financing for the commons
  • Laws and legal mechanisms to protect the commons
  • Technology for citizenship.

You may also propose a topic not already on this list; fill out the form to propose the organization of a specific workshop, and/or to participate in any of the workshops that you find interesting.

Each workshop will be co-organized by both a local and an international community project around the proposed topic. Workshops will be coordinated to offer valuable knowledge and strategies to apply to other, ongoing experiences. To this end, the ECA Madrid coordination team will hold several video conferences to connect the different initiatives and develop the workshop contents prior to the meeting. Workshops will employ facilitation methodology designed to guide the coordination team members in structuring and eventual documentation of the contents generated.

When completing the form, you may indicate if you need the organization to cover travel and / or accommodation if it will not be possible to cover these expenses another way. For more information, contact nicole.leonard [at]

You can find more information on the European Commons Assembly website or fill out the form.

Photo by Ultra-lab

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