Essay of the Day: Open Education and the Commons

* Article: Neary, Mike and Winn, Joss (2012) ‘Open education: Common(s), commonism and the new common wealth’. Ephemera, Vol. 12, No. 4.

From the abstract:

“Open Education, and specifically the Open Education Resources movement, seeks to provide universal access to knowledge, undermining the historical enclosure and increasing privatisation of the public education system. An important aspect of this movement is a reinvigoration of the concept of the commons. The paper examines this aspiration by submitting the implicit theoretical assumptions of Open Education and the underlying notion of the commons to the test of critical political economy. The paper acknowledges the radical possibility of the idea of ‘the commons, but argues that its radical potentiality can be undermined by a preoccupation with the freedom of things rather than with the freedom of labour. The paper presents an interpretation of the commons based on the concept of living knowledge and autonomous institutionality (Roggero, 2011), and offers the Social Science Centre in the UK, as an example of an institution of the common. The paper concludes by arguing the most radical revision of the concept of the common involves a fundamental reappraisal of what constitutes social or common wealth.”

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