This is a beautiful essay penned by our colleague George Pór. It is well written, informative and reflects George’s life’s work.

George Pór: My decades old quest for higher meaning reached a new phase with the question, “what is the pattern that connects awakening to our highest potential in individual, organizational,and social life?” I felt if I could discover that pattern, I’d be able to unlock the synergy between the directions of my calling to walk on the paths of personal, organizational, and social evolution.That discovery started in the early years of this century, when I got acquainted with and dove into Integral Theory and Spiral Dynamics, frameworks that I could apply to the three domains of evolution that were of most interest to me. The exploration continued when Otto Scharmer introduced me to the Process in 2005. This is a process that takes a group through cycles, where they can access different perspectives and solutions regarding organizational and cross-organizational (or even personal) issues.

In the years following my first Theory work-shop, I immersed myself in the life of various“we-spaces,” nourishing environments for accelerated personal and collective development. That made me expand the domain of my pattern-seeking and insert the “community” level between“individual” and “organizational” in the chain that stops at the “social” scale of awakening. 

The understanding of the patterns that connect the edges of our evolution (in those four dimensions), and what drives them, became both my passion and an ever-deepening and endless work-in-progress. What follows is a report reflecting the current state of my quest, at least as much of it that I was able to pull into this writing, as of May 2017.

The four sections of this essay that serve as contexts for outlining the meaning, conditions and practices of “collective awakening” are: What Brings Me to We; Collective Buddha; Wisdom-Driven Enter-prise; and Awakening to a Wiser Society. Exploring and unleashing the synergy of transformative work across all four domains call for an action research.

Read the full essay below:

On the Verge of Collective Awakening by George Pór on Scribd

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