As part of the 4th Social and Solidarity Economy Congress June 9-11, the European Commons Assembly would like to invite those who will be in Athens to two sessions.

You can also participate now, before the event itself, by contributing your opinions and examples on the hackpads below.

If you plan to attend and want to receive more information, fill this form.

1. Open Assembly: “What Economy for the Commons?” – Exploring convergence between SSE and commons (Saturday June 10, 12:15pm to 2:15pm)

We will hold a 2-hour session with a short framing and then open discussion to explore our mutual understanding of how the commons and social and solidarity economy relate to each other. It is also an opportunity to discover the European Commons Assembly (ECA), make new introductions, and connect with local commoners.

There are a variety of views on the relationship between the Social and Solidarity Economy and commons. Some see the two as vitally complementary, while others are more hesitant. Where specifically are there points of convergence, and what aspects are crucial for the commons? Where do they diverge? How are these two movements growing together?

Hackpad: In order to frame this debate, we encourage you to share views on this subject in this hackpad – there are already some opinions there. There is also a space for links to resources that you wish to share (link).

2. Workshop: European policy for SSE and Commons (Sunday June 11, 10:00am to 12:00pm)

After the Assembly (ECA in Athens 1), we focus on developing policy for the commons and SEE. The rationale for this is laid out in the ECA’s SSE proposal Commons Social and Solidarity Economy.

This proposal was the outcome of a collaboration of members of the Assembly in the lead-up to our first meeting in Brussels at the European Parliament. The civil society movement(s) for the commons and SSE need to continue to develop methods and content for interacting with the public institutions. One of the ways the ECA proposes to do this is to focus on production of knowledge, via the sharing of tools and strategies that can be relevant for this interaction with policy institutions. In this workshop, we will explore some of these strategies. We also use it to collect concrete proposals for the next Forum for the Social and Solidarity Economy in Brussels at the EP.

Hackpad: Read more, contribute ideas, and share resources before through this hackpad.

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