Double – an iPad-based telepresence robot

Telepresence is being present and interacting with people – through some remotely controlled apparatus – even if we are not personally in the same space with others. Video conferencing was a first step in that direction, but it requires all participants to be connected through a terminal that has internet access.

This kind of remote interaction has just got easier. Double Robotics ( is producing a robot on two wheels – a bit like Dean Kamen’s Segway, that carries an iPad around with it. The person using the robot remotely has their own iPad that controls the robot’s movements and ensures that two-way communication between the different locations becomes possible.

The New York Times’ technology blog has an article: ‘Double’ Turns the iPad Into a Telepresence Robot

A video that explains how Double functions is on the site:

Early production models have sold out, so if you want to have one, 2013 will be the first opportunity…

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