DotComrade – Tech Workers of the World Unite for a Hackday in London


DotComrade are organising their first one day hack event hosted at Mozilla London June 12th

Meet, share ideas and build tools that help workers organise

The aim is to provide a forum where people can meet, share ideas and start building some apps that will help workers to organise.
Although there is limited space at Mozilla London we will opportunities for evernyone that wants to to get involved – including a wildcat SlackDay for those that would like to attend but cant get the time off work. We’re encouraging those people to shrug off their usual workload and get hacking with the rest of us, albeit from the comfort of their own desk.

Whether you want to create a wildcat ‘swipe to strike’ app, an anonymous mumsnet for dissatisfied workers or a platform for sharing information about workers’ struggles, the day should be a great place to meet other people and work together to create something that will help empower workers.

For more information and to get involved visit

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