Does America Really Need More Jobs? Video with Douglas Rushkoff

Douglas Rushkoff
Source: The Wall Street Journal. Douglas Rushkoff, following on from his (in)famous article for CNN ‘Are Jobs Obsolete?‘, is interviewed here by the Wall Street Journal.

The interviewer, seemingly a little bemused by Rushkoff’s (to him) radical proposition that creating ‘jobs’ in and of themselves, might not be the answer to all America’s problems, falls back on the old ‘isn’t this all a bit simplistic?’ line of questioning – often used by embedded mainstream journalists to muddy the waters and suggest that things might not be as straightforward as is being proposed by the interviewee. I seem to remember a great deal of that kind of criticism aimed at the Occupy movement – ‘too simplistic, too naive’. When we see where the ever-increasing complexity of financial derivatives and company law is leading us, I feel inclined to suggest that a little more simplicity might be in order. Rushkoff is of course equal to the questioning and it makes for a fascinating interview.


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