Documentary on DIY, Do-It-Together Britain

This documentary on people who are rebuilding their lives in autonomous ways, do it yourself and do it together, was previously not available on YouTube, and is well worth watching.

From the Guardian’s intro:

“As our jobs become more specialised fewer of us possess the practical skills to look after basic human needs like shelter, food and water. Journalists Heydon Prowse, who edits, and William Pine meet the people taking control of their lives and argue that they point the way to a better society.

The second and concluding part of Heydon Prowse and William Pine’s polemic on the real big society, in which they investigate a changing Britain. They examine new ways of paying for goods and services, cheap but smart technological innovations to help developing nations, and a revolution in how ideas are shared and monetised.”

Part 1:

Part 2:

2 Comments Documentary on DIY, Do-It-Together Britain

  1. AvatarBryan Hugill

    In the video in part 1, what is the system he’s using to heat his water? Couldn’t quite make it out, but it seems to work very well!

  2. AvatarPoor Richard

    How do you create green energy from a fossil-based economy? Once we solve that problem, we have solved the energy crisis. The heat pump technology is 80 years old. The solar panel technology is 40 years old. The problem is not technology, its a rigged economy & political system.

    DIY and counter-economy is the only non-violent solution.

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