DistriBrute: P2P Powered Desktop Deployment

Possibly significant for showing the commercial uptake of p2p-oriented technical solutions.

Via Torrentfreak:

“Keeping large networks up to date can be a costly practice. Large corporations or government institutions often need dozens, if not hundreds of servers to distribute updates and patches, for which they pay hundreds of thousands of dollars a year.”

More details:

DistriBrute is a brand new desktop deployment solution developed by 4M88. Instead of several decentralized distribution servers, it uses the BitTorrent protocol to update workstations in a local network.

With DistriBrute, distribution servers are no longer needed. The data doesn’t have to be distributed from one location, since all the workstations connected to the network actively help in the spreading the data. Every desktop in the system becomes a peer, and helps to send the data to other desktops. The result: faster distribution of updates and patches, and a significant cost reduction.

There are more selling points other than the cost reductions and speed improvement. Since servers tend to use a lot of energy, between 6000 and 7000 KWh a year, it can also be seen as a ‘green’ solution.”

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