“Digital Activism Decoded” book available for download

The book Digital Activism Decoded, the first book to map the field of digital activism, is available now for download. Full information here.

Citizens around the world are using digital technologies to push for social and political change. Yet, while stories have been published, discussed, extolled, and derided, the underlying mechanics of digital activism are little understood. This new field, its dynamics, practices, misconceptions, and possible futures are presented together for the first time in Digital Activism Decoded.

Table of Contents

Preface….. by Mary Joyce
Introduction: How to Think About Digital Activism….. by Mary Joyce

Part 1: Contexts: The Digital Activism Environment

Infrastructure: Its Transformations and Effect on Digital Activism….. by Trebor Scholz
Applications: Picking the Right One in a Transient World….. by Dan Schultz and Andreas Jungherr
Devices: The Power of Mobile Phones….. by Brannon Cullum
Economic and Social Factors: The Digital (Activism) Divide….. by Katharine Brodock
Political Factors: Digital Activism in Closed and Open Societies….. by Tom Glaisyer

Part 2: Practices: Digital Actions in the Aggregate
Activism Transforms Digital: The Social Movement Perspective….. by Anastasia Kavada
Digital Transforms Activism: The Web Ecology Perspective….. by Tim Hwang
Destructive Activism: The Double-Edged Sword of Digital Tactics….. by Steven Murdoch

Part 3: Effects: What Is Digital Activism’s Value?
Measuring the Success of Digital Campaigns….. by Dave Karpf
The New Casualties: Prisons and Persecution….. by Simon Columbus
Digital Politics as Usual….. by Rasmus Kleis Nielsen
The Future of Advocacy in a Networked Age….. by Sem Devillart and Brian Waniewski

Conclusion: Building the Future of Digital Activism….. by Mary Joyce
Glossary….. by Talia Whyte and Mary Joyce
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