Declaration for Healthy Food and Agriculture

An initiative worth supporting, and applicable worldwide:

The movement to create a healthier food and agriculture in the US has been slowly and steadily gaining ground for well over a decade. Those all around the nation who began the work are encouraged by the progress and simultaneously concerned by the pace of change given the disproportionate impact of food and agriculture on personal and planetary health.

The public’s increasing interest and the media’s deepening coverage of climate change, energy, agriculture, rural poverty, labor issues, food costs, food quality and obesity may finally illuminate the interrelationship of these crises and provide a context for urgently needed changes, which are clearly possible.

The Declaration is meant to provide

1. A clear statement of what kind of policy is needed now, which is endorsed by a broad base of organizations and individuals with a long established commitment to a healthier food and agriculture.

2. An invitation to all Americans to join in the improvement effort by taking action in their own lives and communities and by offering them a way to call on policymakers to comprehensively support change.

3. A set of principles from which policy makers may craft policy that will lead to a healthier system.”

Check out the 12 principles here.

More P2P food and agricultural developments through our tags.

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