David Bollier – The City as a Commons

We recently published David Bollier’s excellent overview of Barcelona’s struggles to advance the commons. That article was written after David’s visit to the city last November and here is the video of his presentation during that trip. Enjoy.

From the Notes to the Original Video:

A new type of citizen economy is emerging – the City as a Commons. This is not a tech platform or economic strategy as such, but a bold re-imagining of the city as a living social organism that invites everyone to co-create, open-source style. Through FabLabs, data sharing, platform co-operatives and many participatory systems, innovative urban commons are transforming city governance, commerce, design, social services, and everyday life.

Marco Berlinguer
Researcher of Internet and Commons at Institut de Govern i Politiques Publiques
Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona
Barcelona, Spain

David Bollier
Blogger at Bollier.org
Cofounder, Commons Strategies Group
Amherst, United States of America

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