Daniel Wahl on Designing Regenerative Cultures for Resilience and Sustainability

This podcast conversation with our frequent contributor Daniel Wahl was originally posted in Empower Radio.

From the notes to the podcast

“Things have got to change!” How many times have you heard that phrase?  Well, the world and humanity are changing. As we awaken and become conscious citizens, how can we co-create innovative change, inspired by Nature, for the greater good? Listen in as expert Daniel Wahl talks about sustainable leadership, resilient communities, and designing regenerative cultures.

Image result for danielchristianwahlDaniel Christian Wahl works internationally as a consultant and educator in regenerative development, whole systems design, and transformative innovation. He holds degrees in biology (Univ. of Edinburgh and Univ. of California) and holistic science (Schumacher College) and his 2006 doctoral thesis (Univ. of Dundee) was on Design for Human and Planetary Health. He was director of Findhorn College between 2007 and 2010, and is a member of the International Futures Forum, a fellow of the RSA, a Findhorn Foundation Fellow and on the advisory council of the Ojai Foundation. His clients have included UNITAR (with CIFAL Scotland), UK Foresight (with Decision Integrity Ltd), Ecover (with Forum for the Future), Bioneers (with the Progression Foundation), the Dubai Futures Foundation (with Tellart), The Commonwealth (with Cloudburst Foundation), Gaia Education, the Global Ecovillage Network, the State of the World Forum, Balears.t, Camper, and many educational NGOs, universities, and design schools. He is co-founder of Biomimicry Iberia (2012), and has been collaborating with ‘SmartUIB’ at the University of the Balearic Islands since 2014. His recent book Designing Regenerative Cultures, published by Triarchy Press in the UK in May 2016, has already gained international acclaim.

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  1. AvatarM. Austin

    As a long time follower of Wahl, it was great to see him featured here. Great podcast, definitely on my “must listen” list! As was mentioned in the beginning of the podcast, society cannot be at its fullest until we recognize the deeply interconnected nature of all things. Thanks for posting and I will be returning to this site often for more great podcasts like this!

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