The P2P Lab is happy to announce the results of the Open Call for Ideas in the context of “The cultiMake project: Crowdsourcing open source agricultural solutions.

The selection of the designers was made by members of the local community, informed by the following criteria:

  • Does the solution create value for small-scale farmers and society?
  • Does the solution express empathy to user needs?
  • Is the solution visionary and paves the way for others?

The selected designers who will lead the manufacturing of 4 prototypes during the workshop are:

  • André Rocha, Adjunct Professor at ESELx – IPL and a Senior Product and Interaction designer.
  • Angelos Pappas, Software developer and activist.
  • Jonathan Minchin, Coordinator of the Green Fab Lab at Valldaura Labs, IAAC Campus in Barcelona.
  • Trifonas Papaioannou, Maker and beekeeper.

We wish to thank all applicants for their contributions. The workshop will take place from July 30 to August 03 at Habibi.Works. It will be open for everyone so we hope you join us there.

We firmly believe in the power of collective creativity.

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