Crowdfunding Mutual Aid Networks

“Mutual Aid Networks build the local economy so it works both for people like you and for the larger goal of community wealth building. Collaborative economic strategies – timebanking, price-based mutual credit, shared resources, and cooperative savings and lending pools – are now being used successfully as separate strategies around the world. By bringing these forms of community sharing and exchange into a comprehensive, complementary system, we have created a scalable model that is being used by the economically disadvantaged to make their communities more economically and socially resilient.”

I had the privilege in May this year to meet with Stephanie Rearick who is involved with the Mutual Aid Network. The MAN are currently preparing for their first MAN Up Summit from Aug 20th to 28th in Madison WI and it looks like a really exciting event. They are also crowdfunding the development of the MAN on IndieGoGo. This ground breaking initiative deserves your support. MAN offer regular learning series about the initiative. Also check out the recent interview with Stephanie as part our series documenting the work of women co-creating the P2P society.

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