Creative Eco-Technologies need your help!


(by email from Vicky Sinclair)

Hi everyone – wondering if you can help

At ArcSpace Manchester we have just been awarded a bit of funding to do a pilot project – a creative eco technologies course for the community, funded by the Manchester carbon innovation fund which is the green part of Manchester City Council

we will be doing everything on a peer to peer basis and community members/delegates will make their own individualised learning and action plans after a series of tasters and film screenings on the following:

ethical textiles

computer recycling

local food

permaculture in the city

social media and streaming

calculating carbon footprint

alternative currencies

free and open source software



eco-residencies, arts, technology and project sustainability


and whatever else we can fit into the 12 week introductory course.

We also are doing some stream activities and IRC chat rooms on the new, international water project (launching soon) and topics above plus such things as e-tribalism, free culture, environment and identity, mapping and much more.

So far we know we will create an online discussion at the end of february regarding the water project. The date has yet to be confirmed but will be at the end of the month during a week day.

Then our first international streaming event (GloNet) will be 24th March. Already with some confirmed Bricolabs network members and Projeto Colares (Northern Amazonia, Brasil), Mauj plus Rob van Kranenburg (who will be in Karachi), ArcSpace Manchester and departments of IT, Maths and Geography (Manchester Metropolitan University) and our local communities and cultural organisations.

At present we are compiling a resource base for the participants in these ‘creative eco-techno’ activities and it would be great if you can send us along any links, films, articles that you think would be useful and we will then collate it and it will be an open access resource, available to all. We are also compiling a dvd of educational videos on a shoestring to help assist communities, universities and anyone else who might be interested in things like metareciclagem, grass-roots project delivery and seeding local innovation for social change. So – if you have any short videos please get in touch – we are trying to sort out the subtitling now.

Please send links, resources to vickysinclair [at] gmail [dot] com – – and we will get this all together as soon as possible. Main language is English but if you have got good links in other languages please send them across as an eco-architect colleague is creating a multi-lingual resource at present (this will take some time longer to compile).

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Best wishes

vicky sinclair – on behalf of arcspace manchester and erm….positive world domination!…

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