Creation of a UN Lobby for Global Governance of the Commons by the People

Via James Quilligan, a message from Lisinka Ulatowska:

“A growing number of organizations are planning a dialogue with Governments, a cooperative lobby, starting with the CSD in May 2010 to see how the Global Commons (those areas of the world and human experience that are vital to the well-being of humanity and the Planet) can be stewarded so that all–people and whole planet can prosper. James Quilligan of the Global Commons Trust and I of the Association of World CItizens will be in New York at the UN between 15-17 December. If your organization would like to contribute their ideas and know-how to this initiative and join in this lobby, we should be very glad to meet with you. Would you please contact me at above address and I shall get back to you to arrange a meeting between us and the members of your organization.

Here is a description of the initiative as it has been developed so far.


The Global Commons: our Communal Wealth

There will be a lobby of the United Nations from 3-14 May 2010. Our objective: to demonstrate to all states that it is imperative that certain aspects of life be stewarded for the good of both humanity and the Planet as a whole. These include hazardous waste, transport, and mining — topics which will be discussed by the UN’s Commission on Sustainable Development (CSD) at that time — as well as the economy, air, water, soils, bio-diversity, human rights, culture, religion and intellectual property. Since all of these issues (and others) share similar needs for governance and value production, they constitute our Global Commons.

The Lobby will be accompanied by a Forum whereby participants will also work on a book together, using wiki-type technology. The Forum Consists of Three Parts

It is:

1. a preparatory think tank to generate ideas for this lobby in the form of a book using wiki-type technology

2. a network of problem solving groups that will also be able to have direct contact with governments via email during the U.N. conference itself and to communicate with them from a distance while these are deliberating the Global Commons

3. part of a greater initiative whereby:

Ø our ideas will be reviewed and collated by a group of experts, and then Ø submitted to a High Level Commission of Eminent Personalities who have held positions of global leadership and are now involved in humanitarian activities, who will then Ø present our ideas to the UN’s General Assembly, possibly as early as 2011, and recommend that these be put into practice

Objectives of this Lobby

It will demonstrate by means of examples and reasoning:

1. the advantages to Governments and businesses of giving full access and jurisdiction of the Global Commons to humanity as a whole, along with the institutional structures (existing or to be developed) which can help steward these resources on behalf of the Earth and its People

2. the responsibility of such institutions and how they could operate

3. examples of where this has worked well

Although we shall initially focus on hazardous waste, transport and mining, since these are the topics of the CSD conference in 2010, all other examples of stewardship of the global commons are most welcome and will be used in the larger initiative and other lobbies of the United Nations.

The Lobby Will consist of Three Types of Actions

You can participle as follows:

1. Until April, 28th, join the wiki-based forum and help write the book.

2. From 2-14 May 2010

Ø Either lobby from afar . While NGO representatives are lobbying Governments at a UN conference , the forum will analyze the issues along with them, developing all-win solutions to any challenges these lobbyists and Governments might encounter when discussing the Global Commons.

Ø Or join the lobby team at the UN (There will be room for several people to join existing teams; and for anyone representing an organisation with accreditation to this UN Conference. An organization can apply for this status.)

This initiative began with discussions between the Global Commons Trust and the All-Win Network. All organizations and individuals participate on a basis of equality. Let us know if you wish to be registered as a founding organization.”

More Information:

Dr. Lisinka Ulatowska, is an author and UN NGO representative, of: Association of World Citizens, Institute for Planetary Synthesis,,,

Contact via ulatowska at versatel. nl

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