What is Post Leadership? a table

Source: Stephen Downes

ManagementLeadershipThat something else better that isn’t management or leadership
AuthorityBased upon titleBased upon earned trustNone; offers an example which may be followed or not
QuestionsQuestions are viewed as a threat to authorityEncourages questions to develop an ethical understandingAsked frequently
The FrameworkProceduralRelationalEngaged and connected
Rules / BoundariesBased upon conformityBased upon an ethical, philosophical conceptBased on respect for others
ProceduresStandardizedPersonalizedAdapted as needed
InnovationDiscouraged if it challenges the status quoProvides a vision that inspires othersSecondary to creativity, freedom and exploration
SubmissionForced: based upon a fearVoluntarily: submitting to another’s strengths to protect one’s weaknessesThere is no submission; exchanges are mutual and of mutual value
MotivationExtrinsicIntrinsicNot necessary
The ResultsBehave externally but rebel internally (or when no one is looking)Empathetic, ethical thinkers who want to do what is rightCooperative environment populated by creative and expressive individuals who see respect for and service to others as the highest good

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