Constructing Commons in the Cultural Environment

“The May 2010 issue of Cornell Law Review is a treasure trove of essays about the cultural commons. Rarely has the subject received such focused and sustained academic exploration in a major law journal.” – David Bolier

The lead article ‘Constructing Commons in the Cultural Environment’ authored by Michael J. Madison, Brett M. Frischmann &
Katherine J. Strandburg takes the institutional analysis and development framework pioneered by Elinor Ostrom for the managment of common pool resources in the natural environment and proposes an adapted framework for the constructed cultural and knowledge commons. Elinor Ostrom is an American political scientist. She was awarded the 2009 Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences, which she shared with Oliver E. Williamson, for “her analysis of economic governance, especially the commons”.
The text is followed by a series of in-depth responses.

May 2010 issue of Cornell Law Review

Mapping Social Technologies in the Cultural Commons – Thráinn Eggertsson

Discipline and Nourish: Construction Commons – Wendy J. Gordon

Cooperative Institutions in Cultural Commons – Gregg P. Macey

Individual Creators in the Cultural Commons – Robert P. Merges

The Institutional Analysis and Development Framework and the Commons – Elinor Ostrom

Questioning Cultural Commons – Lawrence B. Solum

Reply: The Complexity of Commons – Michael J. Madison, Brett M. Frischmann & Katherine J. Strandburg

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