Jose Ramos:

Today’s economy is built on the foundations of a global industrial and financial system with immense productive capacity, but the extractive nature of which has created extreme income disparity and social injustice and wrought devastation on the natural world. There is an increasingly spirited debate about the need for a ‘new economy’, which has fertile and important implications for the legal and philosophical foundations of the current system. What are different visions of the ‘new economy’ and how achievable are they? What possibilities exist at their intersection?

How can we reimagine work, exchange, money, care, law and our relationship with the natural world through the prism of a new economy?

Our two day conference will bring together community activists, social entrepreneurs, economists, academics, lawyers and regulators, to discuss, showcase and weave together the explosion of experiments that are bubbling up around peer-to-peer initiatives, commoning, maker movements, sharing, buen vivir, collaborative economies, solidarity economies, localisation and cooperative movements. The conference will include an interactive plenary session on Day 2, which will enable interested participants to co-design a Charter for a New Economy Coalition in Australia.

The conference will be held 16 & 17 August 2016 — Glebe Town Hall, in Sydney, Australia.

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