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The idea here is collaborative asynchronous recording of music, wherin you record your parts to a music editing software file, then upload it for others to add to. Each version of the file can be left online, so that people can revert back to older versions. I this is like wiki for music. It’s not hard to do. Perhaps someone is already doing it?

An open source multi-track music digital audio workstation program could be utilized, such as Ardour. All revisions could be saved, and a song could branch off into several directions, or it could maintain the same direction, or do both simultaneously.

Furthermore, members of the community can convert each file to a file useable by many different digital audio workstation programs (like Sonar, Pro Tools, Cool Edit, etc). Also, participants could add music tracks, or mix and/or master files. So, one song could have the possibility of becoming many different different end products.

OddMuse wiki software could be a possible good “front end� for song progression management/tracking. The files themselves could be uploaded to another server, but linked to via wiki. (Although, it would eventually be great to automate coordination between the tracking wiki and the media server).

A system for tracking songs through their evolution could simply be creating a unique name for the original song file, then adding a number to each revision. So a song could be called “Praxis�, then a modified version of “Praxis� could be called “Praxis 1� Then, a modified version of that could be called “Praxis 1 tentacle�, or whatever you want to name it, but keeping the lineage in the name so that it can be tracked backwards. Also, by keeping the lineage in the name, a “tree view� might be able to be generated.

Wiki software could lend itself very well to this, since there are already tools available to visualize links between pages. So, in wiki software, a page could be made for each modification of a song, with links backwards and forwards in it’s lineage.

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