CERG/RDLAC Silvertown Session

9th May 2019

Community Wealth Building,

Albert Road, North Woolwich E16 2J

This is a call for people interested in contributing to an economic, social and cultural development workshop happening in the Silvertown/North Woolwich area of the Docks on the evening of 9th May 2019.

The workshop is part of a series of funded events called The Silvertown Sessions organised in partnership by the Cultural Engine Research Group (CERG) and the Royal Docks Learning and Activity Centre (RDLAC).

The workshop will include people living and working in the community, local employers, traders and the local authority.

The main conceptual focus of this Silvertown Session is the notion of Community Wealth Building. We have a guest speaker, Dr Julian Manley from UCLAN. Julian will introduce what is commonly referred to as the Preston Model of Community Wealth Building.

The main aim is consult widely on the potential of this concept as applied to this particular area of the Docks.

The Silvertown Sessions are lively, engaging, relaxed and entirely free events with plenty of food and drink produced and supplied by the local community.

If you’re interested in attending please contact Tony Sampson (t.d.sampson[at]uel.ac.uk) and/or keep an eye on our blog for latest event updates.

Further reading:
Julian Manley explains the concept behind the Preston model, and how worker-owned co-operatives supported by major local players could help empower communities.
Could a grassroots development approach help address inequality?

Aditya Chakrabortty in the Guardian “In an era of brutal cuts, one ordinary place has the imagination to fight back.”

The Preston Model and the Eight Basic Principles of Community Wealth Building (P2P Foundation)

The Preston model: UK takes lessons in recovery from rust-belt Cleveland (Julian Manley in the Guardian).

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