Community 3.0 and taking action – the people have the power!

Clay Forsberg’s post “Taking action” … The People Have the Power is the fourth article in a series that conducts us towards a possible future – a time when there is no government provided safety net yet communities function and people are surviving and happy.

It's up to you to keep your community "open for lunch".

Community 3.0 is the idea, the template but to get there, we all will have to resolve to take action. As a matter of fact, the independent and sustainable communities of the future will not be able to function unless everyone pulls in that same direction, contributes to the motion…

Some quotes:

Community 3.0 is … taking the best of the idyllic past and transporting it into our world of today … and beyond, into the world of our children and grandchildren. It is a lifestyle where we help those who need help – offering whatever we can, no matter who we are. But it’s also a lifestyle where we help and patronize our entrepreneurial friends and neighbors by supporting their Main Street businesses … rather than lining the pockets of the corrupt executives at Wal-Mart, Bank America and rest of the soulless corporations that have gutted and pillaged our neighborhoods.

We must take to heart and embrace the ideal that one person can [make a] difference… Only the people of a community can truly see where [the] needs of the community lie. Only the people of the community know where that elderly women with no family is holed up, prisoner in her own house … with virtually no food.

Only the people of the community know the real story of that Vietnam veteran living on the streets. Only those that have taken the time to talk to him know what he was like years past – and what it would take to bring him back to that time, back [to] a life of productivity, and most of all – a life of dignity.

Only the people of the community know which kids from the neighborhood need that little extra, that little extra that will help them find the relevancy in school – and how it’ll relate to their success in the future, years past when high school is but fading image in the rear view mirror.

Only the people of the community know about that great business idea the neighbor down the street has…

“Taking action” … The People Have the Power