Appendix: concrete things you can do with this manifesto

If you’ve found ideas in the preceding paragraphs that agree with your state of being in the world and your understanding of relations with others, there are many things you can do, starting now. You don’t have to immediately leave everything behind and organize an egalitarian community, it’s more about using this Manifesto for what it’s intended to be: a tool to empower you and your community.

Expand the conversation

      • Do you have a blog? Publicize your reading notes and the opinions you’ve formed. Don’t forget to link to ?so your readers can access the complete text in the format they prefer.
      • Publish a link to this manifesto in social media wherever you have an account.
      • Email the PDF version to people you usually discuss social and economic matters with, and the EPUB version to people who normally read electronic books or on a smartphone, who will appreciate it more than the PDF.
      • You can organize a presentation of the Manifesto. If you write us an email, we’ll be able to send you copies on paper, and we’ll do everything possible so that at least one of us can accompany you at the presentation.
      • Ask for a room at the library or cultural center in your neighborhood, and invite your friends and acquaintances over the net. Put up posters on bulletin boards at the same library and other places you may know where interested people may pass by.

Prepare to “make community”

In the “las Indias Club“, you’ll find events and activities throughout the year that you can participate in. There are cultural and social activities: from poetic soirees and historical expositions to projects in free software, P2P production, and the direct economy. Also, once a year, in the second week of October, we organize an international conference in which we interview and learn from people from across the world who have created or implemented all kinds of projects with small scale and large scope: energy cooperatives, hardware products, agricultural egalitarian communities…

We have also a space for permanent conversation, “La Matriz“, which we invite you to join, and which is fed by posts from our blog and the blogs of a good part of the members of the “las Indias Club”.

And, of course, . Write us and share your concerns and ideas with us.

The Communard Manifesto

Communard Manifesto

    1. The dilemma of our time
      • Abundance within reach
      • Inequality, unemployment and demoralization
      • What is decomposing is not only the economic system, but what the human experience means
    2. Capitalism and its critics
      • Capitalism shaped the world because, before changing the State, it was able to create a new form of human experience
      • Revolutionaries that loved crises and large scales
    3. The history we weren’t told
      • The new world will be born and affirmed inside the old
      • New relationships, here and now
    4. Scale and scope
      • From the era of economies of scale…
      • …to the era of the inefficiencies of scale
      • Today, capital is too big for the real productive scale…
      • … and the optimal scale is approaching community dimensions
    5. Building abundance here and now
      • Abundance has to do with production, not with consumption
      • A scarce product in a decentralized network is abundant in a distributed network
      • The “P2P mode of production” is the model for the production of abundance
      • The two faces of productivity
      • Artificially creating scarcity has become a way of life for over-scaled industry
      • Abundance is the magic that shines through the “hacker ethic”
      • The path of abundance does not mean producing less
      • What will we do about the overuse of natural resources?
      • Connecting the dots
    6. Conquer work, reconquer life
      • To be unable to access work is to be in social exile
      • There’s no self-realization without work
      • To conquer work is reconquer life
    7. From adding to multiplying
      • The scene will be urban
      • The tasks of the communards
      • You are the protagonist
    8. Appendix: concrete things you can do with this manifesto
      • Expand the conversation
      • Prepare to “make community”

Richard StallmanI think we might eventually reach a society of abundance. I hope we do.
Richard Stallman, FSF


Michel BauwensLas Indias and other like them, will profoundly change the structure of our world. True constructive revolutionaries like them are a treasure for humanity.
Michel Bauwens, P2P Foundation


Natalia FernándezYou are the protagonist of this Manifesto. You can be part of a growing movement and build here and now, a meaningful life and a different world .
Natalia Fernández, las Indias

Download it, read it, share it

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María RodriguezThe Communard Manifesto is the result of a collaborative process. It started with an 8.000 words proposal by las Indias. Open discussion -both live and on line- doubled its length and pulished its style. Then volunteers from three different continents started to translate it to Catalan, Portuguese, French, German and English.
María Rodríguez, las Indias

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The Book of Abundance
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