Commons Jam Sessions London Apr 26th



Do you know of any exciting projects experimenting with alternative forms of managing and sharing resources?
A community garden, a hackspace, an energy co-op, …
Or of groups who are protecting common resources from State or Market capture?
Library sell-offs, land grabbing, copyright, water ownership, etc

Come along to a Commons Jam Session and participate in mapping out these amazing groups and projects!

Together we will build together a database that will be available to everyone online. No skills are required, and even if you don’t know of any projects, you can use this workshop to research and discover yourself some hidden gems.

For what?

Commons Rising is a new group set up with the aim to share knowledge & connect experiences on the Commons. We would like this database to be a first step in this process.

We are also in the process of organising a Commons Fest in July and we would like to invite some of the groups we discover together to present their great work there. Together we can learn what these diverse groups share and how we can create a force for social and ultimately political change.

The Commons Jam Session will also be an opportunity to learn more about the Commons Fest and how you can get involved. We are a small group of people and would love to have other enthusiastic people join in!


The afternoon will be divided into two parts:
– A short talk and discussion on the Commons and on the project of the database and the CommonsFest.
– A hands on workshop where we collectively research and collect the data into a common resource.

Just come along with a computer or a device that can connect to the internet. We will provide the wireless and the online platform.

And why not bring along something to share to make the event itself a fun and sharing activity. Do you have an extra computer someone can use on the day?
Or can you bring some fruit or biscuits to keep the energy flowing?


We are living in a world where hierarchical political and economical structures not only no longer serve us well, but are depleting our common resources and destroying those important relationships between people and nature necessary for life on this planet.

We’re convinced that these projects are the seeds for creating all types of solutions to the many issues we are faced with. We perceive a yearning for alternatives all around us and we are eager to discover, reveal and learn from real experiences to provide hope and direction for ourselves and others.

We realise that new ideas need to be tested in real life and nothing will happen without our active and intentional engagement in building new enabling structures in all aspects of our lives.

What do we mean by the Commons?

We understand Commoning as the act of people self-organising to co-govern and/or co-produce resources that they recognise as important for their livelihood and well-being. These resources can be physical or knowledge based. A Common is formed by a resource and the act of Commoning which defines our relationship with the resource.

Who is Commons Rising?

We are a diverse group of people coming from different fields and experiences who have joined together to organise a not for profit event on the Commons in 2015. This event fits into our broader aspiration of building together practical knowledge of the Commons that can be shared widely, inspire and attract many others and have a long lasting effect.

You can’t make it to the event but would like to contribute?

Just add the groups you know here on the page, we will add them to the database. And if you want to get involved more with Commons Rising, just get in touch!

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