Commons, Enclosure, and the Politics of Gentleness

Michel Bauwens: Few people have studied the protocols and processes of enclosures as Anthony McCann has, and this very interesting podcast represents an overview of years of study and insight into the matter. Recommended! As Anthony says:

This work from 2007 was probably my last lecture on enclosure before turning back to the commons, in a sense. My work now builds on this to try and find new ways to understand the qualities of relationship that characterise what I now call the Heart of the Commons – those predominantly uncommodifying ways of being in the world that support the most ordinary qualities of helpful ethics in our lives. For an example of my more recent work, listen to the #CultureChange recording on the Bandcamp page.

The original lecture can be streamed or downloaded at Anthony’s Bandcamp page.

About Anthony Thomas McCann

Anthony McCann ( is a specialist in culture change, ethics, and leadership. He works as an international keynote speaker and trainer, researcher, lecturer, coach, consultant, broadcaster, composer, poet, performer, and children’s songwriter and entertainer. Anthony lives in Bangor, Northern Ireland, with his family

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